St. Michael print - Truteau

Künstler: Truteau

Titel des Kunstwerks: St. Michael

Technik: print - limited 

Signatur: Signiert und numeriert 

Jahr: 2018

Bildgröße: 60x44cm

Verkauf mit Rahmen: nein gerne auf Wunsch

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Artist: Truteau

Title of the artwork: St. Michael

Technique: print - limited

Signature: Signed and numbered

Year: 2018

Image size: 60x44cm

Sale with frame: no


"This work shows the guardian angel, fighting the brands of the big companys, enveloped in purgatory. A never-ending fight to protect humanity from the flood of advertising and false promises. Look closely; how many logos you will find, countless ..."


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St. MICHEL PRINT - Truteau

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