Monopoly - Bandit

Künstler: Diederik van Apple 
Abmessungen: 180 x 75cm

Material: Aluminiumwand, mit farbwechselnder Ansicht - Hologram und mit Epoxi finish

Handsigniert vom Künstler






Monopoly - Bandit

Artist: Diederik van Apple 
dimensions: 180 x 75cm
Aluminium, LiquidGloss on Aluminum - Hologram - changing colors

hand signed 




Amzing new release named: MR. Bandit Monopoly by Van Apple. This artwork is handpainted, added on Hologram Foil and topped with multiple layers of Epoxy. Sometimes we all need a Super Bandit these days.

The art work is finished with 3 to 4 layers of liquidgloss/ epoxy.  By adding these layers the colors get a stunning effect and even sides of the glitter box is amazing.

MONOPOLY - BANDIT - by Diederik

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