EAT MY SHORTS gone Bart - whatshisname

Künstler: whatshisname 

Titel des Kunstwerks: EAT MY SHORTS gone Bart

Technik: Giclèe Print - torn edges 

Signatur: Signiert - numeriert 

Jahr: 2019

Bildgröße: 60 x 60cm

Number of Editions: max. nur: 50

Verkauf mit Rahmen: nein - auf Wunsch mit Aufpreis - ideale Größe wäre 70x70cm










EAT MY SHORTS gone Bart - whatshisname

Artist: whatshisname

Title of the artwork: EAT MY SHORTS gone Bart

Technique: Giclèe Print - torn edges

Signature: Signed - numbered

Year: 2019

Image size: 60 x 60cm

Number of Editions: max. only: 50

Sale with frame: no - with an extra charge on request - ideal size would be 70x70cm


The artist's message; that our children forget the great and wonderful comics, who still knows the great stories of Winnie the Pooh, Pink Panther Inspector Clouseau or Road Runner ... they disappear in the mind, they reach out their hand ... through the fog around us to ours great childhood memories, how we feverishly waited for the broadcast times, or when a new comic booklet finally came out ... all this is forgotten and disappears.


  • no frame - is extra if you like
  • shipping in a tube by DHL

EAT MY SHORTS gone Bart - by whatshisname

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